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We give patients, clients and community members a closely aligned health and wellness delivery system that provides a continuum of care throughout the communities we serve. Our myriad programs are aimed at providing individuals of varying ages and backgrounds the necessary education and tools to foster effective and positive social development and health maintenance. In fact, many people who take our health and wellness courses typically continue their training/education with us.  All services – community health and wellness, short-term acute care and ongoing supportive care – are provided by the same system, enabling us to deliver truly dynamic care.

Care Transitions

To ensure a smooth transition across the care continuum, transitions of care typically involve multiple individuals across many settings.  Our Care Transition Coordinators collaborate closely with discharge planners, care managers to prepare patients for what to expect in each setting and equips patients with the knowledge and tools required for successful self-management.

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Distinguished Care Options

For individuals who need ongoing supportive care in managing a chronic illness, Distinguished Care Options provides home health aides, companions, nursing and home making services. Our staff also provide much-needed respite for caregivers who are often overwhelmed by their myriad responsibilities.

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