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We believe in the power of health and wellness and in our responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other.

We provide high-quality, innovative health education and wellness programs to the MetroWest community. Our programs aim to meet the needs of individuals of all ages – from pre-school to seniors – and cover such areas as professional health and safety training; public health consultations; corporate wellness; school and early childhood programming; and recreation.

We provide a true continuum of care throughout the communities we serve.

What is an Early Childhood Health Consultant (ECHC)?

An ECHC is a registered nurse (RN) – often a pediatric or public health nurse – who is trained in child care health and safety and works with child care staff and providers to support and encourage quality child care. ECHCs are experienced in or knowledgeable about children’s health issues and the community resources available for staff, children, and parents.

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Why is an EHCH important?

The services provided by an EHCH are essential to quality child care and vital to the optimal health, safety and well-being of young children. Special programs include:

  • Pediatric CPR and first aid
  • Allergies and EpiPen use
  • Infection control in preschool programs
  • Medication administration in child care
  • Epilepsy- seizure disorders and care
  • Summer health issues
  • Winter/cold weather care, sniffles and sneezes
  • Playground safety and supervision
  • Infant care program
  • Home safety review for parents
  • Personal safety for preschoolers— SAFE CHILD
  • Toy safety
  • Holiday health for families
  • Emergency preparedness for families
  • Immunization update
  • Developmental play
  • SIDS/preventing crib death
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The Primary Goals of an ECHC are to:

  • Promote health and safety practices in child care— infection control and injury prevention
  • Provide health and safety information through health consultation and educational outreach to staff and parents
  • Promote optimal social, emotional, cognitive, physical and mental health for children in out-of-home care
  • Support developmentally-appropriate care
  • Facilitate preventive health care
  • Positively affect and improve the quality of child care
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The Primary Responsibilities of an ECHC are to provide:

  • On-site visits to child care centers and family child care homes (not required by Early Education and Care)
  • Telephone consultation and information
  • Assessment and development of each program’s health and safety practices and health policy, as mandated by the Department of Early Education and Care’s licensing component
  • Coordination and provision of health education programs
  • Assistance with  children’s health records maintenance
  • Referrals and linkages with appropriate community resources and special services
  • Assistance with plans for inclusion of children with special needs
  • Assistance with the annual Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Immunization Survey
  • On-site safety tour and evaluation.
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Professional Health and Safety Training

We provide the highest level of Basic Lifesaving—CPR for the Healthcare Provider—to individuals working in a field that requires current certification in CPR.

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Public Health

We contract with individual MetroWest town Boards of Health to provide documentation and follow-up for any and all reportable diseases, as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH).

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Corporate Wellness

Studies clearly demonstrate that a healthier workforce delivers enhanced performance and incurs measurably lower health care expenses. The health assessment is the foundation of a wellness program, but its success depends on providing the tools to help participants make positive lifestyle changes. Through our staff and programs, your employees can take their health assessment, review results, participate in interventions, and start making real, positive changes in their lives.

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School & Early Childhood

We contract with area day care providers, pre-schools and other public and private education programs to provide early childhood health consultation. This consultation is furnished by an Early Childhood Health Consultant (ECHC).

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Youth Programs

We offer a variety of programs designed for pre-schoolers to teenagers. Whether your child wants to learn First Aid, become Cybersafe or learn how to set goals and understand the actions needed to achieve them, we have a class that will meet all your needs!

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