We believe in the power of health and wellness and in our responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other.

We provide high-quality, innovative health education and wellness programs to the MetroWest community. Our programs aim to meet the needs of individuals of all ages – from pre-school to seniors – and cover such areas as professional health and safety training; public health consultations; corporate wellness; school and early childhood programming; and recreation.

We provide a true continuum of care throughout the communities we serve.


In today’s fast-paced world, the ways in which we interact are constantly evolving. While new technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, the art of face-to-face interaction remains crucial to success. The scientific journal, Child Development, released a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies which found that, “…Teaching kids social and emotional skills leads to an average 11 percentile-point gain in their academic performance over six months compared to students who didn’t receive the same instruction.” The study also found that these skills help students ranging from kindergarten through high school form bonds with their teachers and peers.

socialsklz:-) was founded by Faye de Muyshondt to equip children and young adults with the vital tools needed to succeed on the playground, in the classroom and ultimately at the workplace. Through a series of fun, interactive workshops, socialsklz:-) teaches lessons including greetings and introductions, making a good first impression, starting conversations, patience and thoughtfulness, self-control, respect and consideration, dining and phone skills, as well as safe Internet interaction for the older age set. The skills mastered are not only empowering, but build confidence and self-esteem, paving the way to a more fruitful life. The program has been widely touted and featured extensively in the media.

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The socialkidz essential workshop is geared to children aged four to seven. In this workshop, children will learn about the value, importance and impact that social skills have on their lives. They will learn through role-playing, games and a mini excursion. Appropriate for kids ages 4 – 7.

2-part workshop featuring 4 hours of instruction
*kidz:-) and tweenz:-) run simultaneously, but led by separate instructors

There is a maximum of 8 children per group.

In this two session workshop series, children learn the basics of good social skills through interactive games, role-playing, and mini-excursions. They will grasp the importance of mindful behavior, body language, a good handshake, proper introductions, patience, and making friends. The workshop includes a “socialsklz:-) dinner party” and an excursion during which children put their out-and-about skills to use. Each class is two hours.


meet and greet

  • The basics of face-to-face interaction and good body language
  • How to shake hands and make eye contact
  • How to introduce him/herself to peers and adults
  • How to make and receive phone calls

go out and about

  • How to use stellar social skills in public – at theaters, in-stores and on the street
  • How to host and attend a play date


say it best

  • How to use courteous words and express gratitude
  • The importance of being thoughtful and how to apply it to daily life
  • How to write a personal note for someone special

ready, set, dine!

  • How to set the table
  • How to be the best guest at a dinner party at a home or at a restaurant
  • How to use utensils properly
  • How to interact at the table
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The socialtweenz essential workshop, which is geared to children aged eight to 12, will provide attendees valuable social, communication and life skills. Such skills include how to make a good first impression; effective communication; how to navigate their independence; living with gratitude; and dining skills. Appropriate for kids ages 8 – 12.

2-part workshop featuring 4 hours of instruction
*kidz:-) and tweenz:-) run simultaneously, but led by separate instructors

There is a maximum of 8 children per group.

In this two session workshop series, tweenz learn social and communication skills in-person, on the phone, and online. Tweenz will gain valuable life skills, such as shaking hands with confidence, being smart on the Internet, and engaging others in conversation. The workshop includes a hands-on dining event and an excursion to put the skills to use. Each class is two hours.


make a good first impression

  • The art of face-to-face interaction
  • Mastering the handshake
  • Greeting others and making introductions
  • Engaging in conversation

be independent

  • Taking initiative and responsibility
  • The value of organization, timeliness and preparation
  • Being mindful of others, including family, friends, and strangers
  • Applying thoughtfulness and patience day-to-day


use your smartz online

  • Becoming an expert navigator of the web
  • How to write a professional email
  • Combating cyber-bullying and other Internet issues

eat in, dine out

  • Attending a dinner party at a restaurant or someone’s home
  • Setting the table and using utensils properly
  • How to carry on a dinner conversation
  • How to make a toast
  • The importance of expressing gratitude
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Finally, the socialteenz essential workshop is geared to teens (aged 13 to 17) and will teach attendees the skills they need to succeed in school, college and beyond. These skills, which include social and emotional intelligence, are key to academic, professional and personal success. Teens will learn how to make the first impression they’d like to; execute introductions; initiate, maintain and close conversations; dine properly; express gratitude; and more.

During this three-hour workshop, young adults learn the essential life skills, namely social and emotional intelligence, needed to succeed in school, college and beyond. These skills have often been called “the missing piece” in American education, and are key factors to academic, professional, and personal success ( During this program, students will participate in interactive, engaging lessons and activities, including formulating their own BRAND. They will learn how to make a good first impression; initiate, maintain, and close conversations; formal dining skills; the value of gratitude in everyday life; Internet and social media savvy; mobile device do’s and don’ts; and self-awareness.

Topics include:

the brand called YOU

  • Making a good first impression
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Body language, posture, eye contact, facial expressions
  • Introductions
  • Small talk and pleasantries
  • Conversations (initiating, maintaining, and closing)
  • Active listening skills
  • Self-awareness and empathy
  • Grooming and attire

the internet /smartphones

  • Exercising safe and private social media use
  • What to post vs. what not to post on the Internet
  • Writing a proper email
  • The pitfalls of excessive time spent online
  • The do’s and don’ts of texting
  • When to put down the smartphone
  • Managing privacy settings

the meal/ the party

  • Table settings
  • Utensil management- American versus European style of eating
  • Dining out at restaurants or others’ homes
  • Interaction at dinners and parties
  • Making a toast
  • Mealtime do’s and don’ts
  • Departure from a party or dinner event
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