Speech Therapy

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Speech language therapy is skilled treatment that helps individuals with disorders of speech, language, and swallowing. Communication disorders can be congenital or acquired and can affect individuals of any age. Speech language pathologists (SLPs)at the Natick Visiting Nurse Association evaluate and treat these disorders and manage swallowing, cognitive-communication, speech, voice and language disorders.

Speech therapy typically includes:

  • Customized treatment programs to improve one’s speech or swallowing abilities
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers

Some health conditions that benefit from speech therapy include:

  • Stuttering (speech therapy can improve fluency)
  • Strokes or other brain trauma
  • Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, which weaken speech muscles
  • Difficulty swallowing due to cancers, neurological, and/or neuro-muscular diseases

Problems involving swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, speech, voice, or language function can be caused or affected by a variety of acute, chronic, or progressive medical and neurologic conditions – as well as the medications used to treat them.

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