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How can YOU help us preserve our legacy?

The Natick VNA’s leadership in providing healthcare at home depends on your generosity.  Your gift helps us to meet the immediate needs of our patients and to secure our future.  As a not-for-profit mission driven organization, the Natick Visiting Nurse Association, endeavors to provide services regardless of a person’s ability to pay.  We are able to do this because of the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations that have been community partners in this effort.

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In addition to home visits not covered by Medicare or health insurance, the Natick VNA covers the cost of medical supplies that patients require to heal. We want to make sure our clinical staff have the tools they need to deliver the best possible care to each patient’s door. Medicare and most HMOs cap the provider reimbursement  for medical supplies – supplies that are essential to good care, successful recovery and limiting pain control.

In 2011, the Natick VNA provided more than $1 million in unreimbursed patient care and paid for nearly $70,000 in supplies that were not covered. Your gift to the Natick VNA is used to ensure that nurses, rehabilitation therapists and home health aides have what their patients need to recover comfortably and quickly – something everyone wants

It’s no secret that health care reimbursement is difficult to navigate. Every health insurance plan is different, every person’s care is different, and what Medicare, HMOs and private insurance will and will not cover for each patient is different. In fact, almost 20% of our patients do not have adequate coverage. That means that the care they receive and medical supplies they require are not fully paid for. However, the Natick VNA is determined to provide the best possible care, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. That’s where you come in.

Philanthropic support, coupled with making the most out of the reimbursement we receive, means that the Natick VNA is able to meet its annual budgets. We can pay our nurses to make visits; make sure they have the tools they need to provide care; and provide the office support they need to maximize the time spent with patients. In short, keeping the Natick VNA in good financial health keeps our patients in good health, too.

Clinical staff with advanced degrees and specialty certifications are able to provide patients with care that specifically addresses their needs. More than half of our staff holds advanced degrees or have earned specialty certifications. Our team includes nurses who specialize in Wound Care, Pain Management, Palliative Care, as well as a Registered Dietician and, a Social Worker certified in end-of-life care. These clinical specialists are able to deliver care that meets the specific needs of each patient, based on diagnoses and individual care plans.

We have seen firsthand the difference our specialists make in their patients’ recovery. Patients know they are being cared for by someone with advanced training and experience – a motivated, dedicated and talented professional. Of course, Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs and private insurance do not cover the cost of staff development, and staff training and education is paid for solely by philanthropic support.

Specialty clinical programs are what set the Natick VNA apart from other area home health care providers. Our signature programs include:

  • ComfortCare, which focuses on the special needs of patients with significant symptoms to manage; the most common of these symptoms is pain. Whether individuals are facing the end of life or working through curative treatment, ComfortCare staff are experts in working with the patient, their families and other members of their health care team to make sure ALL of the patient’s needs are met.Medical Social Work, Nutrition and Personal Care are often areas that the Natick VNA is able to address – even if they were not part of the original care plan as ordered by the physician. Natick VNA staff work closely with physicians to ensure that patients and their families receive the most appropriate care. ComfortCare staff spend their time and energy on managing very challenging symptoms.
  • In Home Telemonitoring keeps patients in their homes and out of the emergency room. The Natick VNA was the first home care provider to offer in-home telemonitoring in MetroWest. Patients measuretheir own blood pressure, weight, blood oxygen level and pulse, via an in-home monitor, the results are transmitted back to the Natick VNA office. Patients, families and physicians receive daily health staus reports and are able to resolve small issues before they become major problems.The first three years of our telemonitoring program were supported very generously by philanthropy, allowing the Natick VNA to train staff, lease the monitoring equipment and get the program up and running well. Your continued support will allow patients access to this technology, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.
  • MetroWest Meds has saved people over $3 million on prescription medications by helping people to access the free medications offered by pharmaceutical companies; assisting them in accessing other reduced-fee programs; and by allowing them to purchase medications for a low co-payment with the MetroWest Meds Pharmacy Card. MetroWest Meds has enabled more than 3,000 individuals to take medications as their doctor prescribed, keeping them out of the hospital and emergency room. These individuals are able to go to work, care for their families and be productive.This program is funded entirely by philanthropy and is a prime example of leveraging donated dollars. In fact, the return on donor investment has been close to 300 percent.
In many ways, a financially-strong Natick VNA means a clinically-effective Natick VNA. When you give to the Natick VNA, you ensure that patients receive the nursing, rehab therapy  and other assistance they need to stay healthy and safe at home. Unless you tell us you’d rather have it used for something specific, gifts to the Natick VNA are utilized yo meet the most urgent patient care needs.
The Natick VNA has been in existence since 1899 – far longer than most of our peer organizations. While many independent, not-for-profit home care providers have closed their doors, the Natick VNA remains a strong, viable organization because of continued community and donor support. Although reimbursement for services continues to be a challenge – one that will become even more of a challenge in the coming years. This philantrophic support is crucial to Natick VNA’s financial health.

Annual Fund

As an ongoing supporter, a recurring gift through your credit or debit card provides continuing assistance to the patients and families we care for. A planned, monthly contribution allows you to budget and spread your support over a period of time. Please connect with us to set up a monthly schedule for giving or simply select the monthly gift option on the online donation form.

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Memorial Gifts

We are honored to be the recipient of memorial gifts, including those designated in funeral notices and obituaries. Memorial gifts may be made to benefit any of our programs or to the Natick VNA to use where the need is greatest.

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Gifts have been made to the Natick VNA in memory of patients we have cared for.
Gifts have been received by Natick VNA in honor of someone’s memory!

Tribute Gifts

Consider a tribute gift as a unique way to celebrate a living person or an occasion at any time of year for milestones such as holidays, birthdays, as a thank you, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

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Planned Giving

The decision to make a charitable gift comes from the heart. There are many ways to give that will secure future care for patients by planning charitable contributions as part of your financial and estate planning. Many such plans offer tax advantages and benefits to the donor.

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The most common types of charitable gift planning include:

  • Wills and Bequests
  • Life Insurance/Retirement Accounts
  • Stock or Securities
  • Property and Life Estates