What is telehealth?

One of our goals is to keep our patients out of the emergency room through proactive efforts. The Natick VNA’s home telemonitoring system monitors patients’ blood pressure, pulse, weight, and blood oxygen level and provides disease-specific education. The telehealth program reinforces positive behavior and encourages patients’ adherence to the prescribed plan of care and enhances our ability to communicate with your physician.

How does telehealth work?

Patients use a telehealth monitor to measure their vital signs. The results are transmitted to the Natick VNA offices, where our care team reviews them. This information provides a patient’s physician and the Natick VNA team with daily information, allowing them to recognize trends in patient health and react before small issues become big problems, thus helping to keep them out of the hospital and emergency room.

The monitor is extremely easy to use and is appropriate for visually- and hearing-impaired patients. One of our care team members brings the monitor to the patient’s home, sets it up and demonstrates how to use it. The monitor is about the size of a clock radio and can easily fit on a bedside table. The monitor guides the user through collecting his/her vital signs, a process that takes less than three minutes.

What happens after I send my health data?

Within 30 seconds of completing your health check, your health data will be automatically and securely transmitted to the Natick VNA. Our team will review and assess your information and contact you if any of the data falls outside of parameters your doctor sets – or if we do not receive the data. We will contact the appropriate physician if further intervention might be required.

Here are a few Telehealth benefits

  • Links you daily to your homecare team
  • Alerts your health care team as problems occur
  • Increases patient confidence, health and independence in the comfort of one’s own home
  • Helps to identify even small changes in health status earlier and prevents unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Gives patients peace of mind knowing that a medical professional is monitoring their health or that of a loved one every day
  • Provides all care team members with the information they need to provide the best level of healthcare possible
  • Educates, encourages and motivates individuals to take better care of themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle
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