Therapy and Rehabilitation

Therapy and Rehabilitation2018-05-25T16:40:14+00:00

Physical, occupational, and speech therapies

The physical, occupational, and speech therapists that comprise our rehabilitation team treat a wide variety of diagnoses.

Patients may require in-home rehabilitation services after being discharged from a variety of health facilities, including hospitals (after an early discharge from orthopedic surgeries, including total joints or orthopedic repair of fracture and/or other surgeries), rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Experience that makes a difference

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists have extensive training and experience in their disciplines. They offer a variety of techniques including manual therapy, myofascial release, vestibular training, TENS, ultrasound, low-laser therapy and other modalities as appropriate, to facilitate their care.


We treat a variety of patients of all ages who have the following conditions, including:

  • Orthopedics, including joint replacements
  • Cardiovascular/pulmonary disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Injuries
  • Connective tissue conditions
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Debilitation from prolonged hospitalizations