Where Do I Start?

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Where Do I Start?

Distinguished Care Options understands that caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. Private home care services can provide a great relief for family members who are often overwhelmed with responsibilities. We become a part of your team in the care of your loved one.  We will help you navigate through the difficult process of making the right decisions and asking the right questions. Below are important things for you to consider when selecting a private duty company as well the types of in-home services we can provide for your loved one.

Why Distinguished Care Options?

Simply stated, we provide our clients with services that foster a more independent lifestyle and improved quality of life.

What credentials to look for:

Caregivers come with a wide range of experiences and credentials, and you should look for the best fit for your needs. Some caregivers have no official credentials but have a great deal of experience. Others have caregiver credentials focused on primarily non-medical tasks, like helping with bathing, dressing, meals, and housekeeping. The information below describes the different credentials and the services that are allowed by each group.

Are any of these services covered by Medicare? Are there any subsidy programs for this?

Payment Questions

Our team of experts will investigate any potential subsidy programs, including veteran’s and long-term care benefits. Typically, however, private home care services are primarily paid for directly by the client and/or the client’s family.

Medicare pays for homecare only when there is a need for “skilled” service providers to perform a task. Such services include nursing, physical therapy or occupational therapy. Medication management, however, is not considered a Medicare-reimbursable need.

I’m not exactly sure what we need for private home care services. How do I find out?

We will conduct a “mini-assessment” on the phone when you call and make an appointment to visit the client’s home to assess his or her needs. Our focus is on services that will keep the client safe and as independent as possible in his/her home. In addition to determining whether a home health aide, homemaker services, or companionship is needed, we might also make suggestions for some home modifications to ensure the client’s safety. We are also happy to arrange an initial meeting between the patient and the home health aide. However, we are also very respectful of what the client wants and is willing to accept.

How quickly do you do the assessment, and what does it involve?

While the assessment is different for everyone and unique to their specific situation, we try to determine what the client’s needs and expectations are. We accomodate requests for a visit at a mutually convenient time for the caregiver/patient and our staff. Distinguished Care Options’ assessment includes a conversation that might cover these questions:

  • What is a “normal” day for you/your loved one?
  • What activities do you or your loved one do?
  • What can’t you or your loved one do anymore that impacts the quality of life?
  • What expectations do you/your loved one have of us?
  • What is a “perfect day” for you or your loved one?
  • How can we improve your/your loved one’s quality of life?

How fast can services start?

Distinguished Care Options can often get services in place on the day of the request or within 24 hours, when necessary. Your call will be answered by a compassionate and dedicated professional who will take the time to listen to your situation and advise you on service options to best achieve a plan that is cost effective and comprehensive.

For more information, call our Customer Center at 508-653-8512 to speak with one of our knowledgeable healthcare at home experts.